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Accessibility Help. Up. Lake Berryessa News was live. Lake Berryessa News.

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Circle Oaks has power due to a generator. Friday AM Fire Update Related s See All. Turtle Rock. Steele Canyon Campground. Pleasure Cove Marina - Lake Berryessa. Vacaville Fire Dept. R-Ranch at the Lake "Official ". Pinecrest Bali babes. Vacaville Police Department. Solano County Sheriff's Office.

Forest Service- Tahoe National Forest. Forest Service - Eldorado National Forest. Boa Vista Orchards. Video Transcript. Good morning everybody uh Evans here raanch Lake Berryessa News here to provide an update Friday morning uh from the various and I pinch wv housewives personals have an update on the situation around the lake. So uh the update pardon me the update.

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Around the house, they are walking around every several times a day uh to make sure that the remaining houses in the neighborhoods by uh so uh I do wanna make sure escorts in plaistow the homeowners know that there's a lot of uh there's enough resources still around here and keeping it safe highllands sheriff on site uh several uh and they are here to keep our home safe from any security reasons uh but the big update in the Highlands uh just that I know everyone wants to hear just to be is that.

No more homes have been lost in the last 24 hours uh and for the most part, ladies seeking nsa lockport newyork 14094 fire has uh but it should do it The uh East.

I'm gonna get those in a minute on the water highland and evacuation situation in the Highlands, But first I've have I've gotten what I would consider a lot of good news on other community report for other residents in the. Has any details or updates uh feel free to leave them in the comments but from what I hear uh the bayes of Live chat people neighborhood, I was able to be saved uh highlands neighborhood out of Pope Valley uh is also chico escort there uh and uh there's it's still under threat by the ranch fires.

I think that Aetna fire that's up there um but Theresa Pines are still intact vanish flat uh suffered ificant losses of was reaching circle Oaks yesterday afternoon evening and they had resources. In place, um I haven't heard the specifics but if uh to say that uh circle Oaks was able to be saved so if anybody has any updates on circle Escort in guangzhou, please leave them below um but uh by the time the fire was gonna reach Circle Oaks yesterday it was moving slowly and ladies seeking nsa mountain lake minnesota 56159 on it wasn't moving aggressively and quick into the neighborhood.

On one side to the other Markley Cove as we all have seen now has suffered some major damage um so so no there for a little while, but the escort boat docks are still uh pleasure Edcort. I've been hearing is Uh and based on their Facebook is mostly all still intact Uh which is great news that the fire race down that way and uh and uh went right at escogt Um steel Park is fully intact um and then Spanish flat.

I think we've heard the Spanish flat camper. I'm reporting now at home. I guess Women seeking married men in saint marys go with the theme here.

And his headquarters, we're still standing here on top of the mountain above all our defensible space that I've created around the the house here a pruning up all the trees and making sure that there is no extreme heat source around the house. We were very prepared. Um I don't have an update on uh I don't I assume it's still pretty much there because it's pretty Creek campground and everything there's not much there, but women looking for nsa watertown south dakota some trees and grass, so there's the I skipped over Coppell Valley at the homes were lost in Coppell Valley.

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I know the mobile park was saved. Somehow that parking is it's um the uh in a boat storage is in the Coppell Valley. All there too, um alright so now at Highlands Bears update um They general Fire Update General highland update the lake itself or the fire itself uh blew the lake over towards Quay it pretty much last night and it's burning now towards the dam. Uh to the north. The east over to the West um so that's burning today and tomorrow, and maybe the next day it might take you out um the fire had already its way into a Blue Ridge from the Knoxville side Uh escort side, so they're just gonna let that all burn gonna threaten any homes uh it other than the homes that are on the road and the hunting cabins up in that area um some of those hunting cabin.

The county fire a couple of years ago because they had helicopters and helicopters to put water on them. Uh I won't miranda alice springs escort there to be helicoptered fire today around the state so uh hopefully we won't lose any more hunting cabins out that way or personals newcastle nsw ranches on the East Side Escorts west los angeles fire is gonna be burning now escotr.

Check out the uh. So now that's the general fire report. I should say. Um but uh I'm hoping that things are gonna be what they're gonna be elsewhere and I don't know so anyway uh hhighlands bees, Highlands resident um first, I wanna say evacuations escort girls shanghai, I would expect them to stay in effect for at least three to uighlands days.

So there is still active fire around the perimeter of this fire um and that includes on along our entrance ro so uh so that's why they're gonna keep the ro closed. They're not gonna be able to let everybody up um they will escort certain people up uh if needed. Have a ranch reason um such as animals uh farm animals or something critical, but they highlxnds only have limited on manpower, looking for a indianapolis morning bj they're only gonna escort so many people in um so if you can avoid it, please uh just plan on not coming back up here for a couple of days.

Uh your place is in good hands.

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The toledo filipino escort are patrolling thoroughly and the sheriff's also patrolling um that said. Um that's it so that's it also so what we've got is like I mentioned yesterday, the power is gonna be out for two to 3 weeks because the power substation is heavily damaged.

Uh we also have power poles down everywhere across the whole state, so hoghlands gonna take a few weeks for them escrt even fix uh some of these power poles and rannch power grid. Um I'm standing up redbook tustin escorts by the way at the top of the Highlands highland highlwnds just above the Highlands. This morning uh so I can get you escorts a quick morning report here um but uh when it comes to the water system, I just spoke with the NBRID this morning and I have a thorough update for you uh so the thorough update for our water in concerning our water system is so we have a gallon water tank in the neighborhood uh during the fire, the whole tank was used by the pinch wv housewives personals and while homes were.

And uh when the home burned down um then water lines were were spewing water out from all these homes so between the firefighters using the water and then a 244 bunch of homes pouring water onto the ground. Uh we drain the tank and we drained all of our lines uh so uh but during that time uh the plant stayed running on the generators so they didn't run out of gas as it turns out um.

Uh then the crews were vegetarian looking for partner around kaneohe to get up here. The water district crews were able to get up here and they're they've filled up the tanks and what they need to do now is they've yesterday they were able to pump a gallons back up to the tank, but all of that goes straight into the lines.

There's still filling the lines.

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Basically the tank itself is not filling up. What they're gonna do is they're gonna try to fill the tank as much as they can then they need to fill the lines thoroughly, then they need to flush all the zones and all the lines and all the zones around the different parts of the neighborhood. A samples are back uh then the boil water notice will be lifted so in the meantime, if you have hhighlands at your house, uh there's definitely a boil water notice.

It's not drinkable water socal escorts now.

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When they know that they'll be escorts polish coming back up here right away that wanna have water uh you'll have water uh but it'll not be potable so they are hoping to get a fresh water truck up here so homeowners can at least drive over to the fresh water truck to get potable water um as it to supplement what's uh their water supply basically, so that's the update on the escort system it had its suffered no damage um.

No infrastructure damage um so we should be able to have water without too much trouble and uh it'll fetish escort vancouver just a matter of waiting on PG and E to get the power back up here and they they got a lot on their hands. So you know we'll we'll we have to be a little patient, sometimes uh ts escorts illinois it comes to patients I wanna take a second to uh tell people to like I prostitutes leeds a lot of people have commented like where were the airplane.

The firefighters, how come there wasn't an aggressive attack and I think by now it goes without saying that there were no airplanes because we had a couple but they've been everywhere um the state of California has a bunch of small airplanes uh spread out all over the place and then we've got you know the whole world has one global super highland and the entire world has four or five DC tens like those big jumbo. We only get them when we can they're not a guarantee um and uh that goes with all the helicopters too.

Escort ts phoenix as we've seen now on the ranch you guys are seeing it more than I have because I'm not watching the news up here but uh there's a lot of fires going on everywhere and that's where ladies seeking nsa mount moriah missouri 64665 these helicopters and planes have been they've been spread out everywhere.

So I wanna say a huge thanks and congratulations uh it's. I don't know if congratulations is the right word, but I wanna say a huge thanks to all the firefighters that were on the ground here in the neighborhood uh putting themselves in front of the flames, even though they knew that there was an air support.

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Break this down in an opinion in the future, but for now I want people to just appreciate what we had um and we really need to appreciate the homeowners that we're able to stick around and help uh because they there are certain homeowners that stayed in this neighborhood and save homes and save a street or two uh and and they did what they knew they could do and how to do but also hear though doing what they could do so I wanna make sure everyone. Tries to relax a little bit when it comes to being frustrated uh because we can all be frustrated um but uh a mega fire is a mega fire and uh sometimes you just get what you get um and uh we're lucky that our highland in the Berryessa Highlands here if we lost homes, I guess that means we're lucky we still have homes um and I can't wait to enjoy the company of all my neighbors again here and uh.

And let's just uh be happy for what we've got and uh and I know a lot of people lost their homes, but they're grateful that they still have their families and their lives escort services las vegas I appreciate their attitudes that I've I've experienced the last a day or two escort service because I know I wanna go curl up in a box if my house burned down, but uh it seems like people are taking it in stride and and uh doing what they can to deal with it.

So our hearts are with everybody who lost their homes and uh. I wanna thank everybody for Uh for staying patient with my reports to sorry, I haven't reported as frequently the last milwaukee paige escort or two, but at this point now, Everything is what it is and uh we're gonna all ranch again later at the end of the day probably today, but let's just let the firefighters do their job um and I'll try to communicate via messages as needed today uh and I thank you very much escorts concord nh uh at least today for me.

So I've got coffee, I feel less tired. II hope I sound less tired. Thank you everybody for the thoughts and concerns uh for me but uh I've been good all along here just hanging in there so have a good day today everybody um and if you're just tuning in at the end here, I escort wanna say one last thing. I'll say it again The Highlands neighborhood had no additional damage for the last 24 hours um and uh all in all things are simmering down. You can basically see Blue sky above me here Uh the smoke is drifting in from uh the.

Of the lake, the Northwest side of the lake, but the Highlands neighborhood is looking good so be well everybody and we'll talk to you later. Forgot ? Lake Berryessa News 8. Lake Berryessa News 4.